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Severus Snape

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severus snape

Age: 19
Education: Hogwarts, Slytherin House '78
Date of Birth: January 9, 1960
Bloodline: Half-blood
Political Affiliation: Death Eater
Sexuality: Heterosexual

Sallow, very pale skin, with greasy shoulder length black hair. Black eyes, a cold glare. Severus is not overly tall, but his frame is not toned like an athlete, but skinny and still a bit awkward. He prefers to dress conservatively in black, if only because any effort spent dressing in the morning is wasted time, and black is easy. A few scars, though nothing as noteworthy or distinguishing as the serpentine tattoo on his left forearm. He received his Dark Mark during sixth year.

Severus grew up on Spinner’s End, in an industrial part of northern England. His childhood, as indicated above, was short and difficult. With an abusive father and submissive mother, Severus was quick to understand that anything he needed in life he would have to provide for himself. Constantly on the offensive, Severus would have learned how to protect himself at a young age. Severus can in no way be considered 'friendly' or 'likable'. He is nasty to almost everyone, and his elitist attitude significantly cuts down on a list of potential friendships.


Played by eschatologies. Modeled by Daniel Vosovic. This is a roleplaying journal for marauder_elite.

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