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Severus Snape
11 January 1979 @ 07:11 pm
Did I have another birthday, I wonder? I can't remember.
Severus Snape
02 November 1978 @ 10:48 pm
I am sorry I wasn't able to be more involved in the events of a few nights back. Pressing business of another sort. I was pleased to hear this Order of the Phoenix was as ineffectual as ever. At the very least, my side project is coming along very smoothly, and it's one I think you'll all be pleased with.
Severus Snape
It has proven difficult to obtain the quantity of supplies needed to produce a large number of Inferi in a short time, but through various channels I believe I have obtained all that will be needed, and dispersed it into the correct hands.

So many plans for the next few weeks. I do not think I am alone in feeling a certain energy in the air. The next few months will be our critical juncture, and we will not fail.

I need to find some little piece of bait for Peter Pettigrew. Some small thing to offer him, at a price. Protection for himself or his friends, or some such-- I need to find out where he is from; perhaps he has family that could be used. A small thing, to begin with. There will be greater things, later on.
Severus Snape
02 September 1978 @ 04:29 pm
I don't particularly remember much about McKinnon from school, except that she always was an insufferable knowitall. She put up a little more resistance than I expected, but nothing untoward. I don't think Travers had any trouble at all; he seemed disappointed.

In any case, between the Aurors and this, we are marking a new phase. Our numbers grow daily; our strength is undeniable, and the Dark Lord himself will soon come forth. This is the time we have long awaited. Brothers, sisters, let us do what we may.
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Severus Snape
28 August 1978 @ 10:01 am
The Dark Lord's mood has improved slightly since the business with Selby. He has taken me into confidence, enough to tell me what it was that has been lost-- vague, perhaps, but I think I have some idea of the significance of it. I am confident that it will be retrieved, but it will be interesting to see when and by whom.

I have not been tasked with its retrieval. Yet though I gain his confidence, I am too junior yet to be given such a task, I think- though I shall do my best to raise his opinion of me. I have failed in nothing to which I have been set thus far, and am only anxious to expand the depth of my service.
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Severus Snape
23 August 1978 @ 12:26 pm
It's not as if I do not enjoy the work I've been able to do so far, but I should very much like to get my hands dirty a bit closer to home. Something should come up soon. I will do my best to be there.
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Severus Snape
29 July 1978 @ 04:02 pm
I have been in Scotland for a few days on business which I believe has concluded to the Dark Lord's satisfaction. He will not be troubled from that quarter again, that much is certain. Perhaps He will permit me to do some work on the continent; He must have much he needs accomplished to which I might lend my talents, and I find I do not particularly like returning to this house.

The mind is a complex thing, of course. The ease with which it may be manipulated is often surprising, until one remembers that it is not the manipulation that is so difficult, but what happens to it next. Unpredictable. I've seen what happens when memories are destroyed-- which is a pity, as there are some I might not mind being without. Memories of her-- they cannot simply be tossed away, but they can be destroyed, swiftly and without much difficulty. I could do that.

Perhaps tomorrow I shall.
Severus Snape
15 July 1978 @ 10:22 am
After two years of study and a month and a half searching out the correct components, I've decided I don't need to bother with the Pensieve after all. It would take another two years to complete-- and I am confident that I will not have need of it, my other interest having become as developed as it has. There is much to do for the Dark Lord, and I do not need the distraction now.

I must remember to send regrets to Bellatrix and Rodolphus' party. I wonder what they would do if I actually came.
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Severus Snape
30 June 1978 @ 11:13 pm
There is room in the house for all of my books now that the old man's things are cleared out, but just barely. Should see about fitting bookshelves on the backs of doors and such as I only have every intention of amassing more, now that I can freely trade for them. And such things I have to trade now. Daily I am humbled and grateful to the Lord, that he allows me to work for him so.
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